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Design for Resilience

Design for resilience, 2021 © Bettina Genten

Design for resilience is a pioneer in the creation of entirely biodegradable everyday textile objects, aiming for a healthy, ethical and sustainable lifestyle. 


Design for resilience is a textile research studio for sustainable living. Since 2009, Vanessa Colignon has set herself a goal: transform the textile industry to make it more sustainable. She studied fashion and textile design combined with a training in agroecology and naturalism. To meet her requirements, she embarked on textile research by placing the work of natural materials at the heart of her project. In 2019 she launched Design for resilience with a very first flagship product: the resilient sponge. Today, the brand offers more than 12 textile products for domestic use. As a pioneer in the creation of completely biodegradable everyday objects, Design for resilience would like to enable everyone to protect their health and reduce their environmental and social footprint via the creation of natural, resistant objects, product with respect for workers and living things. 

The studio works with two naturally eco-responsible materials: linen and hemp. They are declined in knitted textile products for cleaning, body care and bulk bags.


Home Collection

Resilient sponges
Hemp, labels and sewing yarns: Egyptian cotton Oeko-tex Standard 100
Produced in Belgium

Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and gently scrubs. The resilient sponge is a range of natural, washable and compostable sponges for dishes and cleaning.

Bulk bags collection

Linen, labels and sewing yarns: Egyptian cotton Oeko-tex Standard 100, Masters of linen (European linen).
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
Overcycled unbleached cotton cords made by inhouse 100% natural. Available in 2 sizes.

Body care collection

Washable face wipe or towel
Unbleached Linen, labels and sewing yarns: Egyptian cotton, Oeko-tex Standard 100, Masters of linen (European linen)

Body care collection offers washable face wipes, hair towels in linen. Linen is naturally hypoallergenic which makes it perfectly suited to sensitive skin. It is a high absorbant and soft material you can use to clean or dry your skin. Labels, threads and fabrics are fully biodegradable. Ethically and eco-responsibly made in Belgium.