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Emma Terweduwe

Emma Terweduwe_coll GRID II (c) ETerweduwe

Creating bespoke and tactile textile pieces.
Weaving colours, textures and bold graphics.


Emma Terweduwe is a Belgian textile designer and artist specialized in jacquard weaving. After graduating in Textile Design from Ghent’s KASK Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Emma Terweduwe has worked with various brands, before establishing her studio in 2020. Her pieces are luxurious and expressive, combining natural and durable materials, strong and colorful graphic design, and her unique process of felting woven fabrics. By designing textiles that are meant to stimulate our sense of touch, her tactile works offer a critique of our fast-paced and superficial society, which increasingly values appearance over substance. Her approach is deliberately slow and considered, applying digital tools to analog processes without compromising on the characteristics of a handmade object.


Beyond Bold

Beyond Bold’ presents a series of jacquard woven blankets and pillows in four colour variations, each expressing a different kind of tactility and feeling. From warm sunset orange to bright green tones, smoothly blending into every space and atmosphere. This collection explores Emma’s signature style of bold and vivid graphic patterns, transformed into tangible textures and textile pieces. Each blanket is locally jacquard woven in Belgium, made from a mix of mohair, cotton and wool and finished by hand with a playful border, therefore each piece becomes unique and exclusive.

GRID series

In a new series of home textiles – jacquard woven in wool, mohair and cotton – Terweduwe combines her sensibility for bold graphic design with the traditional process of jacquard weaving. Using natural materials with subtle yet expressive properties, this new series expresses an organic and tactile feeling, brought into the present by texture and colour.

With different designs on either side of each piece, these textiles can be repositioned, redisplayed and enjoyed again from new perspectives at their owners’ discretion.


GRID series - Edition 2, 2023
Wool, mohair, cotton
160 x 200 cm

Gradient Rug Series

GRADIENT is a reversible and multifunctional jacquard woven rug made from natural and sustainable materials. By felting the fabric after weaving, the materials start to wrinkle, shrink, move and distort, expressing their most tactile characteristics.

Through this process, different textures and organic shapes are created, looking and feeling luxuriously tactile. As a result, the woven rug gets a unique 3D character, transforming the bold graphical design into a set of tangible textures, which speak not only to the eye, but especially to our tactile and sensory senses.


Gradient Rug Series, 2019
Produced in collaboration with TextielMuseum Tilburg
Cotton, merino wool, mohair, linen
160 x 125 cm
Limited edition