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Fabrique Publique* is a design studio founded by Hanneke de Leeuw.



The starting point for their designs is often social issues (f.i. womens’ rights or climate change) influenced by curiosity for shapes, materials and processes. These themes and curiosity are translated into designs (furniture, tableware), whatever suits the topic/material best.



Fabrique Publique started research into the possibility of reusing broken and/or discarded ceramics as a valuable resource for new ceramics in 2017. In the past two-and-a-halve years, major steps have been taken. The first step was the development of a series of plates called ‘Future History’, which contain 10% of recycled material. This step was followed by a series of vases (‘Nature Calling”), shown at Ventura Future and at Piet Hein Eek (Dutch Design Week 2019), that already contain 30% of recycled ceramic material.

The next step is the European Partnership Project WORTH. Together with Coudre studio from Barcelona, Fabrique Publique has been selected to develop 3D clay printing with recycled ceramic materials. The WORTH Partnership Project supports partnerships between SMEs, designers, manufacturers and technology firms to create innovative and design-driven products and ideas

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