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Natalia Brilli

Natalia Brilli © Laeticia Bica

"I try to give nobility to the simplest things, to
transform these everyday objects into luxurious
and rare objects, to make them true hybrids
between crafts, sculptures and installations."


Natalia Brilli worked for more than 20 years in the world of fashion with her own label as well as a set designer for theater and cinema. She is now starting a new chapter for her brand, creating objects sheathed in recycled leather, tapestries and raffia objects, ceramics and furniture.
Since the beginning, her approach has been constant: oscillating between surrealist and symbolic influences, the designer proceeds daily, in the form of a cabinet of curiosities, to collect objects defined in turn as talismans or fetishes. These gris-gris, good luck charms or simply relics embody a sacred dimension and help defining a universe where everything is humanised by use.

Natalia Brilli's approach is in keeping with the quality requirements and craftsmanship that are dear to her. Through her formal vocabulary, she attempts to offer a contemporary version of the vanity in minimal form, thus
provoking a memento mori as disturbing as it is seductive.


Hand-crocheted Rafia collection

The tapestries and raffia objects are made in a family workshop in Madagascar. Natalia Brilli then works on the pieces to sheath them. All the leathers come from the dormant stocks of French and Italian luxury tanneries, which is why most of the creations are limited and numbered editions. For the furniture the designer collaborates with Belgian cabinet makers.