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Pascale Risbourg - Belgium is Design

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Pascale Risbourg is a textile designer at heart. She mainly works on wallpaper and rugs and more recently developped terracottas, inspired by the patterns she designs. 


Pascale Risbourg imagines singular creations with an assumed audacity that borrow from nature and diverse artistic movements, their subjects and motifs magnified by a remarkable work of research. With her designs she reinvents tapestry: lush vegetation, graphic forms, Art Deco motifs, dreamlike worlds... Whether she is working on bespoke wallpaper, hand-tufted carpets or artistic ceramics, Pascale Risbourg always offers exceptional pieces designed through a creative and intuitive process.

She belongs to this generation of designers, curious and connected, who continue to develop a plural and open-ended artistic language.


Terracotta collection - vases

Antonio vase, 2022
Spain clay (available in black or white clay)
H 39 cm L 33 cm P 17 cm

Terracotta collection - lamps

Terracotta lamps
Spain clay (available in black or white clay)

Limited series of terracotta lamps with graphic and organic volumes and a stone look.

Wallpaper collection - Loft

LOFT - Coll. Groove
Exists in 3 colours
Sections of bold colour with graphical, intertwined shapes bring warmth and modernity to interiors.
Digitally printed wallpaper on non-woven ultra-matte paper sold to measure.

Wallpaper - SPIRIT

SPIRIT - Coll. Bonnemine
Exists in 20 colours

This wallpaper with optical illusions in multiple graphic shapes and shadows offers a magnificent décor.
Digitally printed wallpaper on non-woven ultra-matte paper sold to measure.

Terracotta collection

Through modeling, Pascale Risbourg's drawings come to life in 3D, as she «kneads the silent block of earth to make it chatty. Her sculptural and utilitarian ceramics — candle holders, jars and vases — are a three-dimensional expression of the organic, abstract, geometric and cubist graphics and shapes she first experimented with in her wallpaper collections. Unvarnished, her bare clay creations, fired at high temperatures, are produced in the natural colours of the chosen clay.

Erotic Toile de Jouy collection

Made in France and Belgium in digital printing on non-woven backing
50 cm

Alongside The Great Gatsby, Neo Kubist, Wild Artichokes and White Spirit to name but a few, Pascale Risbourg continues to revisit the iconic Toile de Jouy motif with humour. 
When they are not on a swing or on a hunting trip, what do the charming 18th century couples that adorn the famous Toile de Jouy do? Thanks to Admented*, an augmented reality application, Pascale Risbourg brings these light-hearted characters to life and continues to bring them to life. The Erotic Toile de Jouy paper collection is complemented by a collection of porcelain plates in limited and numbered editions. 
Three stories are thus delicately told when placed on one of the three libertine groups. Either to describe the events that brought them to these lascivious positions or to envisage the banter to come. The gently licentious result allows a sensual immersion in a refined universe.