A film by Alexandre Humbert
Production curator : Giovanna Massoni
Original music : Arnaud Pujol

With BC Materials, D4E1, Geneviève Levivier, Kaspar Hamacher, OpenStructures, Studio Plastique, RVB, Roel Vandebeek and Sep Verboom.


Marseille - Mai 17, 20233, impasse Montévideo - 9 PM - in collaboration with
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Born from the meeting between Giovanna Massoni, curator, and Alexandre Humbert, designer and film director, this movie tells the story of Belgian design at a historical moment that determines an important turning point in its role. Shot between February and April 2021 across Belgium, the film accompanies us through the attitudes, words and gestures of nine protagonists of circular design, reuse, regeneration of resources, new models of organization and production.

One story, nine practices: the stories blend together to create a unity of space and time, building a single voice common to all. The object (the design), assumed here as a starting point, has a variable, vulnerable identity and becomes a pretext for determining the locations in which the narrative is integrated. An agile artifact generated by individual and collective experience, it passes from one hand to another, it adapts, it is shared, it regenerates. The work is (again) open – as Umberto Eco wished. (Opera Aperta, 1962).

Read the entire conversations between Alexandre Humbert and the designers:
BC Materials, D4E1, Geneviève LevivierKaspar HamacherOpenStructuresStudio PlastiqueRVBRoel Vandebeek and Sep Verboom.


Official screenings:
Milan Design Week, September 6-7, 2021
Milan Design Film Festival, October 23, 2021
ADFF - Architecture and Design Film Festival (USA and Canada): Vancouver, November 11-12, 2021
Madrid - Casa Valonia, November 25, 2021
Millenium Festival - Brussels, May 5-12, 2022
Paris - Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, May 12, 2022
Brussels - European Bauhaus Festival / Building a Bright Future Conference, June 10, 2022
Brussels - Design September, September 21, 2022
Naples - EDIT Napoli, October 8, 2022
Marseille - Montévideo, Mai 17, 2023 - in collaboration with