The Belgian design scene is vast and diverse. Belgian institutions are always at the forefront of supporting the people, new projects and products that make our country dynamic and unique.

published on 30.11.2022

Jan Ameloot of lighting company Delta Light: 'To determine the locations for our showrooms, we look at places where design trends start.'

It is beyond dispute that our design companies are highly regarded abroad and are an important Flemish export product. We asked some Flemish companies how they would approach this international conquest. We talked to Jan Ameloot, CEO of Delta Light, a lighting company that focuses on showrooms in major design cities.

Delta Light has showrooms in all major design cities in the world. Jan Ameloot explains how they manage their internationalisation. They, for example, recruit the people for the international hubs themselves. Delta Light also aims to have short communication lines and open dialogues with their clients. The company is also working on a manifesto so that all employees all over the world know Delta Lights’ values and are immersed in their way of thinking. But by keeping production and R&D in Moorsele, Moorsele still remains a bit the centre of the universe for Delta Light.

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